• 21 %

    Increased in total
    order processing capacity

  • 17 %

    Decreased in
    order processing cost

  • 99.99 %

    Improved wireless
    network uptime

Challenges & Opportunities

A distribution center's operational efficiency was impacted by the unreliability of its wireless network. This challenge caused the DC's personnel to resort to manual input when the network was down, thus causing inefficiencies and errors in business reporting. The company contacted Cyzerg to further assess its wireless network challenges and recommend a reliable warehouse wireless network solution.

Cyzerg found that the DC's mobile devices were often disconnecting from the wireless network and the WMS due to the unreliability of the wireless network. As a result, these connectivity issues between the handhelds and the WMS affected the company's cargo processing output. Finally, the unreliable wireless network caused delays in real-time asset tracking, inventory counts, and reporting.


After identifying all the wireless network challenges of the distribution center, Cyzerg recommended implementing a reliable warehouse wireless network solution.

Cyzerg performed a comprehensive wireless heatmap to understand wireless coverage deficiencies within the distribution center. After identifying dead zones, wireless access points were upgraded and repositioned throughout the facility to increase wireless coverage and signal strength. Cyzerg also implemented a 24/7 network monitoring system to track network health, performance, and wireless signal strength. Finally, handheld computers, mobile printers, and tablets were reconfigured and optimized to ensure a reliable connection.


After implementing the recommended warehouse wireless network solution, the distribution center eliminated disconnections between its mobile devices and the WMS. This increased signal strength and coverage throughout the facility. Furthermore, the total order processing capacity of the facility increased by 21%, while decreasing order processing costs by 17%. Lastly, wireless network uptime improved from 93% to 99%, and reduced wireless network latency by 74.9%.

With the achieved results, the DC resolved the wireless and inefficiency issues it was facing. The warehouse wireless network solution also allowed the distribution center to increase its order processing capacity and real-time reporting capabilities while also decreasing costs.

Increase Efficiency with Cyzerg’s Wireless Network

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