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Challenges & Opportunities

A company with multiple locations across Latin America had problems managing its server infrastructure because it was scattered across numerous branches. It encountered frequent system downtime due to this challenge, thus leading to a decrease in productivity. The company approached Cyzerg to investigate the issues it was facing.

Cyzerg discovered the company encountered recurrent system downtimes due to the lack of server standardization and poor system administration. Moreover, its legacy operating systems and insufficient hardware resources impacted the performance and availability of business applications. Its server infrastructure was also challenging to maintain and manage effectively since it was spread across multiple locations. Finally, it was found that the risk of losing data was high due to the lack of backup centralization, proper management, and disaster recovery.


After multiple meetings and investigations, Cyzerg implemented solutions that utilized cloud servers and server management best practices.

Cyzerg standardized all servers based on their roles and implemented an ITIL management framework. Additionally, Cyzerg reassessed server resources and re-architected the server infrastructure to eliminate bottlenecks while increasing performance and availability. The customer's server infrastructure utilized cloud servers and was centralized within a tier-one cloud provider with a unified system management and monitoring solution. Lastly, a hybrid and multi-site backup solution with a passive disaster recovery site was implemented to reduce the risk of data loss.


After applying the recommended solutions, Cyzerg addressed many of the customer's server infrastructure challenges. With the utilization of cloud servers and best practices, the company achieved results.

The company increased its system uptimes to 99.99% and simplified its server infrastructure management. Moreover, it eradicated system bottlenecks and increased business applications' performance. Its technology operational efficiency and effectiveness also increased by simplifying system administration. Finally, Cyzerg implemented data recovery capabilities to decrease the customer’s RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective).

With the achieved results, the company addressed its challenges and increased its system uptimes and productivity.

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