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    Manual reporting

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    Operational cost
    savings per year

Challenges & Opportunities

A major 3PL faced recurrent customer complaints since it could not provide a portal for its clients to have real-time inventory visibility and cargo control. The customer met with Cyzerg to explore these challenges and find opportunities to improve customer satisfaction.

The 3PL’s customers didn’t have real-time visibility into their inventory and cargo status. Additionally, its customers depended on the 3PL’s staff to run their cargo reports, thus causing delays. Exchanging documentation and information was also limited and decentralized, since they often used emails or other ways to share information. Finally, customers were not able to perform basic tasks such as cargo releases, repacking, consolidations, and more.


After understanding the 3PL’s challenges, Cyzerg recommended developing a 3PL portal that allows customers to access and monitor their inventory at any time.

An online portal was developed to provide the 3PL’s customers with real-time inventory visibility and cargo status. Additionally, the 3PL portal provided customers with the functionality to create, run, and schedule unattended reports. Customers were also able to upload and download cargo documentation through the portal. Finally, clients were provided with the ability to perform tasks such as cargo releases, repackaging, and consolidations.


Once the 3PL portal was developed and deployed, the 3PL increased its customer satisfaction to 94% by providing its customers with full visibility and control over their cargo. Additionally, since the portal allowed customers to generate reports independently, the 3PL eliminated approximately 283 hours per month of manual reporting. This reduction in labor hours resulted in operational cost savings of $61,128 per year. The 3PL portal also allowed the company to facilitate and centralize the exchange of information and documentation with its customers. Finally, customers were able to manage their cargo and submit requests more conveniently at any time of the day.

With the 3PL portal, the company achieved results and strengthened its customer retention. Additionally, it was able to reduce operational costs by allowing customers to perform tasks on their own.

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