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Challenges & Opportunities

An NVOCC faced a significant increase in technology management costs as it scaled from small- to mid-size. The company contacted Cyzerg to assess how a potential partnership could help the business better manage its IT management costs by outsourcing IT operations.

The NVOCC experienced increasing technology costs due to IT operational inefficiencies and talent retention. The company also used an obsolete technology platform, which prevented the business from scaling and operating effectively and efficiently. Moreover, the NVOCC experienced system failures across its hardware and software infrastructure that disrupted business operations. Lastly, the company lacked a comprehensive and business-aligned technology roadmap that prevented the company from remaining competitive in the industry.


After fully understanding the NVOCC’s technology needs and challenges, Cyzerg recommended outsourcing IT operations and upgrading sections of its IT infrastructure to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

IT operations of the NVOCC were outsourced to Cyzerg, and a multi-year contract was established to control rising costs. The company’s technology portfolio was also revamped, and new technologies were introduced to increase business productivity. Moreover, Cyzerg standardized and secured the desktop, server and network infrastructure to improve performance and reliability. Finally, the NVOCC was provided with a 5-year technology roadmap to invest in technology aligned with its business goals.


After the NVOCC agreed on outsourcing IT operations and formalized the partnership, the 3PL decreased its technology management costs by 38% while increasing access to top talent. Concurrently, productivity and collaboration improved across all departments and international branches. System outages across the entire IT infrastructure were also reduced, and system uptimes increased to 99.74%. Lastly, the NVOCC retained key clients that represented $50+ million in annual revenues with the help of the newly implemented technology.

With these results, the NVOCC overcame its technology management challenges and rising costs. The company was also able to boost its business productivity due to high system uptimes, allowing it to retain key business accounts.

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