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Challenges and Opportunities

A cruise ship faced operational inefficiencies in its warehouse receiving process due to manual tasks. The company met with Cyzerg to explore this challenge further and uncover the root of the problem.

Cyzerg found that the cruise ship was using a manual and paper-based receiving process that slowed its operations and increased errors. In this process, warehouse receiving clerks manually stamped the date, time, and name on packing slips. This approach impacted the company’s reporting generation speed and accuracy since data entry was not recorded in real-time and was prone to errors. Finally, all packing slips were manually scanned, making the process slow and inefficient.


After visiting the cruise ship’s warehouse and discovering its challenges, Cyzerg recommended automating the receiving process.

Cyzerg developed a custom Android warehouse mobile app to execute the company’s receiving process. This enabled the customer to digitalize the stamping of date, time, and receiver name of packing slips. Additionally, the warehouse mobile app allowed the business to reconcile cargo at the receiving dock to compare received versus expected cargo. Lastly, Cyzerg introduced an Artificial Intelligence solution to parse purchase orders from packing slips automatically.


Once the cruise ship approved the recommended solutions, Cyzerg developed and implemented the custom warehouse mobile app.

The cruise ship increased its warehouse receiving capacity by 300% by eliminating the paper-based receiving process. This allowed the company to save $234,000 per year in warehouse receiving operational costs. Additionally, the cruise ship improved its receiving and reporting accuracy to 99.98% by automating data entry. Finally, the company decreased its cargo reconciliation process from eight hours to two hours.

With the custom warehouse mobile app, the business achieved the results above and addressed the receiving operational inefficiencies it faced. This allowed the company to increase its receiving capacity, accuracy, and profitability.

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