Hector Sunol

Hector Sunol

A Note to You

10 years working in the corporate world were part of my motivation for founding Cyzerg (the Anser Indicus Foundation was the other part). During those 10 years, I learned that recognition and promotions were all too often given not on the basis of merit, but on politics and being liked. I also saw how hierarchies diminished and demoralized teams and productivity. None of this made sense for me from a business, human, or leadership perspective. So, I quit my high-paying job and ventured out on my own to build a different company.

So why am I telling you all this? Because if you are on this page, most likely you are considering a career at Cyzerg, and I want you to know all about us – the good and the bad. I want you to hear it from me.

First, we are a company of merits (meritocracy), meaning that what really matters when working at Cyzerg are your merits and the positive impact you create in the company – not politics. Even if you start in the most junior position, if you are fearless, determined, hardworking, and intelligent, there are no limits. Second, there is no hierarchy. Although we do have a management structure, this is hardly perceived because we all work in open spaces—we don’t use titles in email signatures or business cards, and we never refer to others by title or position – and by the way, I dislike the word boss 😉. Titles drive egos, and egos destroy teams and cultures to varying degrees.

Although you might find this all good, the truth is that for some people, working at Cyzerg is not for them. Why? Because everyone at Cyzerg is held accountable every minute, every hour, and every day for their work and their actions. If you have a very strong work ethic, you’ll love it because you will shine and grow, but if you do not, this place is not for you.

Two other aspects that can be a challenge or a joy is that we are perfectionists and crazy about integrity.

Although we are perfectionists, we allow ourselves the chance to fail so long we learn – a three strike rule applies for the same type of mistake. So here again, if you are a natural perfectionist, you will enjoy it, but if you just want to get stuff done, you might want to reconsider.

About integrity. I deeply believe that we all, regardless of our differences, want to be successful and live a happy life, but the truth is that some of us lack personal responsibility and consciously and/or unconsciously compromise our integrity – and this is completely unacceptable at Cyzerg. And the reasoning is simple. If we lack the character to face the ugliest truths about ourselves, personal and professional growth will be limited and as a result, the company and the team will be negatively impacted. Anyway, with that said, we are a company of opportunities, so if you have made mistakes but really learned from them, we want you in our team.

So before you continue any further, I would like to ask you to pause and think about it. Is this the right culture for you? Is this the culture where your career can blossom? Would you enjoy 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year of working in an organization like this?

You are the only one who knows the truth. I deeply believe that the best hires happen when both the candidate and the employer are truly honest about things. You are much better equipped than us to decide if this is the right place for you. I wish you the best!

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Unlimited Vacations

Aside from your paid leave time, you can use your unlimited unpaid leave when you’re feeling less than 100%—so long as there’s proper coordination, of course.

Unlimited Vacations


Competitive Salary

We understand that excellence has a unique value. As a company that is driven by excellence, we consciously invest in people.

Competitive Salary

Benefits & Perks


We consider your health as a fundamental priority while working at Cyzerg. We want to protect the wellbeing of our most precious asset – people.

Health Insurance


Career Development

While working at Cyzerg, we ensure your success by aligning your professional aspirations and goals with the mission and vision of the company.

Career Development



Once a week, we set aside work and focus on building family-like relationships with each other. Then, we cement this through yearly team outings.

Team Outings

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Our Recruitment Process

We aspire to create an environment where insights are found in every conversation while working at Cyzerg. Because of this, we follow a meticulous methodology to onboard
“A players” who, at the same time, holds the same values as us. This way, we can properly assess a mutual beneficial benefit for you and the company.

  • Candidate Screening

    Candidate Screening

    Our recruitment process starts by sifting through resumes received by our HR department from online and offline sources. Then, the selected candidates are required to fill a career history form and a personal self-assessment. Once these forms are completed, the HR team will select a group of candidates for a phone interview through which we start to get to know each other.
  • Technical & Cultural Interviews

    Technical & Cultural Interviews

    After the phone interview, selected candidates will be invited to come to the office for a technical/skill interview. This interview will assess the candidate’s skills in relation to the job applied for. If qualified, applicants will take part in a series of cultural interviews to uncover cultural fitness and alignment with the team and the company core values.
  • Reference Check & Verification

    Reference Check & Verification

    After the series of interviews, the selected applicants are expected to provide references from previous supervisors and/or HR managers. In addition, we will conduct a background check that will include education, employment history, and criminal records. After we have successfully verified the applicant, we will issue an assignment and employment opportunity letter.
  • Welcome Aboard

    Welcome Aboard

    Once the candidate has signed the employment opportunity letter and assignment letter and has provided a proof of release, the HR Manager will send a welcome email to announce your official start date and appointment. From this point forward, you’re a part of our family, and we look forward to growing your career and building great memories. Congratulations! Welcome aboard.

Life at Cyzerg

Our working life at Cyzerg is not confined by the walls of the office and the hard work we put into our craft. We balance this through celebrating life, culture,
and our family-like relationships. As we grow, these memories will serve as our inspiration and proof of the fulfilling life we have embraced.