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Challenges & Opportunities

A well-known Latin American 3PL with multiple branches across South America and the Caribbean was experiencing communication challenges due to the lack of integration across its phone systems. The company contacted Cyzerg to explore the challenges and potential opportunities.

Cyzerg uncovered that the 3PL faced high communications costs due to long-distance charges across international branches. Additionally, each added VoIP feature was charged by the vendor, which led to creeping VoIP costs. Employees also experienced poor communications across national and international office branches because of the legacy phone system. Lastly, the complexity and lack of centralization increased VoIP system downtimes and system administration overhead.


After Cyzerg identified the 3PL’s communication challenges and opportunities, Cyzerg recommended implementing a VoIP enterprise phone system.

To execute the solution, Cyzerg implemented a centralized cloud VoIP system to serve all the 3PL’s branches and subscribed to a long-distance, low-cost carrier. Additionally, the VoIP system provided unlimited enterprise-level functionalities at no additional cost. The centralization of the system allowed branches to place direct extension-to-extension calls, regardless of the countries where they are located. Lastly, 24/7 VoIP and network monitoring was implemented with access to unlimited specialized technical support.


After Cyzerg implemented the VoIP enterprise phone system, the 3PL overcame its communications challenges and reduced its communications costs.

The 3PL reduced its long-distance charges by 33.14% across all international branches. Moreover, it eliminated $27,782 of annual cost associated with additional VoIP system features. Communications across branches also increased after the implementation of direct extension dialing, messaging, and video. Lastly, the 3PL increased its VoIP system uptime to 99.99% and reduced system administration overhead.

The results mentioned are a testament to the 3PL overcoming its communications challenges through Cyzerg’s VoIP enterprise phone system. The solution also allowed the company to boost collaboration, productivity, and profitability.

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