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Challenges & Opportunities

A freight forwarder's warehouse operations have been impacted due to its manual dimensioning and image capturing processes. The company contacted Cyzerg to visit its warehouse and understand its volume, processes, and challenges.

The freight forwarder manually measured parcels and pallets, resulting in bottlenecks in the dimensioning process and data entry errors. Additionally, the business had to manually enter weight information, as well as transfer digital cargo images to its WMS, thus decreasing its overall productivity. Finally, the freight forwarder could not refute claims from customers and carriers related to cargo damage and/or volume discrepancies.


After understanding the freight forwarder's challenges, Cyzerg recommended automating its warehouse pallet and parcel dimensioning process.

Parcel and pallet dimensioners were implemented to automate the warehouse’s dimensioning process. Additionally, the dimensioners, digital scales, and cameras were integrated with the WMS to eliminate manual data entry. Finally, detailed dimensions, weight, and high-resolution pictures of cargo were stored in the cloud and shared with customers and carriers via a portal.


After the freight forwarder approved all the recommended solutions, Cyzerg automated the warehouse’s pallet and parcel dimensioning process. The freight forwarder reduced its dimensioning process time from 50 to 24 seconds, resulting in a 108.33% efficiency increase. It also reduced the dimension processing cost from $125,000 to $62,640, representing a 50% decrease. Furthermore, data entry errors associated with cargo dimensions and weight were fully eliminated, and the upload of cargo images into the WMS was automated. Finally, customers and carriers were provided the ability to view cargo dimensions, weight, and digital images via a web portal and mobile application.

With the achieved results above, the freight forwarder addressed its limited cargo processing capacity and increasing costs. Additionally, it has eliminated data entry errors from manual processes and refuted claims effectively from customers and carriers.

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