Logistics today is not the logistics of yesterday. While the process of filling an order has the same end result, the way we get there is very different. Innovations in logistics technology are at the heart of this quickly changing industry. Because of these rapid changes, business leaders are often stuck wondering if their company is trailing behind the competition.

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Additionally, you may be wondering just how much your clients expect of you in the wake of ALL this new technology. There are a lot of logistics technology solutions available, but investing in the right tech for your company is a challenge in itself. It can be difficult to know what, how and when to incorporate (or upgrade to) new logistics technology solutions.

So, where does your logistics company stand in comparison to your competition? Take this quick quiz to find out.

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    1. Are you concerned about productivity losses due to sluggish systems, limited technology, and repetitive “busywork” operations?

    If you answered YES…Logistics depends upon speed and efficiency—slowed productivity because of old solutions means less business. There are a lot of logistics companies that still use 20th-century technology solutions, which largely operate independently from one another. Because of this, productivity was limited to how quickly and efficiently each one of these individual functions could be completed. Today’s new innovations in logistics technology (including mobility solutionsbest-of-breed WMS/TMScloud computing, and more) address and solve these productivity problems, allowing orders to be processed, filled, and shipped faster than ever. This increase in productivity means happier customers, resulting in more business and greater net profits.

    2. Do you currently have the level of visibility you want on your day-to-day logistics operations?

    If you answered NO…Outdated paper-based logistics processes offer very little visibility into big-picture system-wide operations. Information silos and death by spreadsheet represent the 20th century’s technology environment. Endless amounts of data entry and countless programs working independently with almost zero integration required extensive data analysis that took far too much time. Today’s technology offers complete integration of these previously individual systems, offering astonishing visibility via integrated WMS/TMS systems—eliminating many redundant, busy work tasks. For example, by integrating your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with your WMS/TMS, you have full visibility of your customers’ operational data and customer experience. This level of visibility gives you the tools you need to quickly analyze enterprise-wide data as a whole, giving true insight into your day-to-day operations so you can put a more focused effort into process improvement.

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    3. Are you looking for ways to increase customer satisfaction by way of new technology solutions?

    If you answered YES…Logistics isn’t just about shipping and receiving—it’s also about providing your customers with the best customer service possible. Logistics technology now offers many different types of solutions that only increase customer satisfaction. Everything from lightning-fast wireless internet, mobility solutions in the warehouse and on the road, cloud integration, best-of-breed WMS/TMS systems, fully integrated CRM, and even data storage and backup recovery are all components of today’s new logistics technology. These solutions allow for greater efficiency in the warehouse, more personal interactions with customers, the elimination of downtime when problems occur, and ultimately make for a better customer experience due to the increase in productivity and visibility.

    4. Are you happy with your WMS/TMS system?

    If you answered NO…Your WMS/TMS system is easily the brain of your logistics operations. But the difference between the old systems and the new best-of-breed solutions are leagues apart. Today’s modern, cohesive solutions integrate all of your systems, fully managing all of your WMS/ERP/TMS/YMS/CRM/HRM/etc functions—all in ONE place. Advanced levels of communication, intuitive software navigation consistent across all programs, and detailed visibility were never as readily available as they can be today. The benefits of a modern best-of-breed system are also cost-effective, creating enterprise-wide savings in areas such as training, documentation, error reduction, easy collaboration across various departments, faster, more efficient order filling, and inventory tracking.

    5. Do you have concerns about moving to the cloud?

    If you answered YES…More than just a buzzword, the cloud offers real business solutions for data communication, storage, backup, and recovery. Yet, it is still viewed with apprehension by many because it’s admittedly hard to know if the cloud is right for your business. Think about it this way: Would your employees and processes benefit from being able to access company data from anywhere with an internet connection? The cloud allows work to be done collaboratively in real time. Additional computing power or data storage can be added when needed and can be scaled back when no longer necessary, enabling your organization to buy only the computing power and storage you need when you need it, accessible anywhere.

    Whether you’re looking to improve processes, increase enterprise-wide visibility, streamline your backup and disaster recovery process, or integrate segregated data across multiple systems, there are logistics technology solutions out there, just waiting to help you unlock your potential for even greater business growth. Contact Cyzerg for more information.

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