Cargo theft continues to cause considerable losses across supply chains, creating headaches and financial burdens for businesses of all sizes. The problem is especially acute during holidays like the 4th of July, when many businesses close down and transportation schedules are disrupted. This creates a window of opportunity for criminals, as seen in the past year when over $2.7 million in cargo was stolen from major ports in Florida alone.

The risk isn’t limited to Florida. Major ports in states like California and Texas also see a rise in cargo theft during holidays. As the 4th of July approaches, a familiar sense of dread washes over those in the logistics industry. They become painfully wary of the threat of stolen cargo, knowing that a successful heist can disrupt operations, damage reputations, and cost companies significant sums of money.

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    In response to this growing concern, CargoNet, a cargo theft prevention and recovery network, has taken action. They’ve created an infographic exposing the vast cargo lost annually during the 4th of July festivities. This infographic serves as a stark reminder to the public of the importance of implementing extra security measures to protect their cargo during this vulnerable holiday weekend.

    July 4th Weekend Cargo Theft Trends Infographic

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