Miami, Florida – Cyzerg and its sister company, Integrated Freight Systems (IFS), officially launched Supply Chain Relationship Management (SCRM), the world's first off-the-shelf CRM for the 3PL industry.

SCRM is an advanced native cloud-based CRM software engineered for 3PLs, freight brokers, freight forwarders, NVOCCs, and logistics service providers. It allows them to consolidate all their sales leads and customers on one platform. Moreover, Cyzerg and IFS launched it with multiple license tiers to fit the financial needs of all companies.

SCRM Dashboard

“There are a variety of generic CRMs available in the market to serve all industries. These CRMs are neither tailored to specific logistics needs nor can they easily integrate with existing systems within the logistics industry. This could result in a lack of specialized features and capabilities that are necessary for the logistics industry,” said Hector Sunol, co-founder and CEO of Cyzerg. He further added, “the absence of specialized software motivated us to collaborate with IFS to build a CRM software that is specifically engineered for 3PL service providers and can integrate with any existing TMS, WMS, and accounting system.”

SCRM has all the capabilities of a general CRM along with specialized features to meet the needs of the logistics industry. These features include:

  • Intelligent and Logistics Quoting (FTL, LTL, IM, FCL, LCL & Air)
  • Logistics Dashboard
  • Unlimited Integrations with Freight Marketplaces
  • Instant Real-Time Rates from Multiple Carriers
  • Carrier Relationship Management
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Logistics Reporting and Analytics
  • Comprehensive Truck Routing and Mileage Information
  • Integration with Other Logistics Applications

SCRM's specialized features provide 3PLs with a whole array of logistics information and capabilities at their fingertips. The application can help small to large companies drive sales growth, acquire and retain customers, and improve operational efficiency.

Finally, one of the reasons for designing this software is that many small and mid-sized logistics companies could not access advanced software due to constrained budgets. However, with the help of SCRM's multiple-tier subscriptions, small and mid-size 3PLs can now afford a logistics-specialized CRM, allowing them to compete with the largest 3PLs.

To learn more about SCRM, click here.

About Cyzerg

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