We Are Warehouse Technology

We are a technology company focused on designing, implementing, and managing cutting-edge technology for warehouses and distribution centers. We have full software and hardware technological capabilities to modernize your warehousing operations. We have worked with over 174 warehouses and distribution centers and helped them increase efficiency and reduce errors and costs while increasing visibility and accountability.

We count on a team of hardware and software technology engineers specialized in warehousing and distribution center operations. Additionally, our 24/7 network operations center is always ready to respond to incidents and provide proactive IT maintenance and monitoring.

Our Story

This is a story of how a question sparked an idea of empowerment and innovation. This is the story of our humble beginnings,
our sacrifices and battles, and of bringing positive impact to people around the world.

  • Summer 2012
    The Coming of Anser Indicus Foundation (AIF)

    In 2012, a foundation was born out of a question – “What is your dream?” Camila Molina, co-founder of Anser Indicus, posed this question to Hector Sunol (co-founder of Anser Indicus).

    Hector dreamt of opening schools because he believes in the impact of education on people. In his own experience, education changed his life. And so, he wanted to create a class to teach technology to the homeless and empower them to regain hope. In his findings, homelessness is not rooted in the absence of a home. Instead, homelessness is rooted in hopelessness, people giving up faith in society and themselves. Hector believed he could lift their confidence and reinsert them as productive members of society if they could learn the basics of computers and, potentially, become computer technicians (A+ certified). This brought Camila and Hector to open Anser Indicus Foundation, an organization dedicated to fighting homelessness through education.

  • Summer 2013
    AIF Students Graduated, AIF on Hiatus

    In 2013, AIF held its final class and proudly graduated six from the initial ten students that signed up for the computer technician class.

    Regardless of the outstanding work that AIF did, the foundation had to come to an upsetting pause due to the lack of funding required to continue its mission. At that point, Hector and Camila faced the difficult choice of finding an alternate route to fund AIF or close it in its entirety.

    They gained the insightful realization that a sustainable plan was necessary to continue with the vision and mission of the Anser Indicus Foundation. At this point, Cyzerg was born.

  • Summer 2013
    Cyzerg LLC is Incorporated

    In the same year that AIF was put on hold, Hector, having the tenacity to continue his dream, decided to leave his successful corporate life and continue pursuing it. Cristobal Pascual, a team member of Hector’s in his previous job, was asked if he wanted to join and open a venture. Cristobal, wanting to start a company that embodied his values and had no politics, agreed to be part of this venture. Meanwhile, Manuel Cassola, an entrepreneur and business owner at this point, expressed his desire to co-found Cyzerg with Hector and Cristobal and embrace the vision of social entrepreneurship.

    Cyzerg, being founded by Hector, Manny, and Cristobal, is an organization built on dreams and the desire to help people. The three founders understood that a business with a social cause has the potential to make a substantial social impact in the world. They made it a mission to prove that a business can be successful and financially viable while creating a positive impact – that business does not have to be a zero-sum game.

  • Summer 2014
    Cyzerg Launched Its Operations

    On Monday, June 2nd, 2014, Cyzerg launched operations as a managed service provider (MSP). In its initial stages, Cyzerg was providing technical support to small and mid-sized companies regardless of the industry.

    As any other startup, Cyzerg counted on the help of friends and relatives to find its first employees. Often, interviews and office work were conducted at Starbucks – not the most appropriate environment. As the company matured, Cyzerg was able to rent a very small and green-painted office with an expected occupancy of three people. But with some sacrifice and inventiveness, we were able to sit seven team members.

    At this point, we had one very clear vision: Provide our customers with the best service there could be.

  • Summer2015
    Cyzerg Refocuses to Warehouse Technology

    In 2015, after operating for a year as an I.T. generalist, the management team at Cyzerg decided to refocus the company on providing technological solutions to the warehousing industry. Focusing solely on one industry sector would allow Cyzerg to gain expertise and better serve its large customer base of 3PLs, freight forwarders, and manufacturers.

    The warehousing and distribution center space is a world of its own, with unique challenges and unique operational requirements. To truly make a difference and a positive impact on its customers, Cyzerg needed to realign its entire product and service portfolio to be fully aligned with the needs of this market.

    To effectively achieve and execute the new vision, the company created a 10-year strategic plan that is relentlessly measured week after week, month after month, quarter after quarter, and year after year.

  • Summer 2016
    Cyzerg Opens 24/7 Network Operations Center

    To effectively achieve the new strategic vision, the company made its first priority to focus 100% on increasing its service level performance (customer service) and surpassing established industry standards.

    Taking into consideration the time sensitivity of the logistics and warehouse industry (no shipment can be delayed), Cyzerg decided to open a network operations center that would focus on a proactive approach to systems administration to minimize customers’ systems downtime.

    This new undertaking meant implementing a 24/7 monitoring system across all its customers’ I.T. infrastructure and hiring a team of engineers to analyze, review, and respond to every single system alert or performance deviation. The new NOC also provided a platform for Cyzerg to extend its technical support hours to 24 hours, 365 days a year.

  • Summer 2017
    Cyzerg Opens Research & Development Center

    After successfully opening the network operations center in August 2017 and achieving satisfactory results, Cyzerg continued with the next phase of its 10-year plan. This time, the company invested in opening a research and development center that would focus on exploring new and more advanced technology solutions for the warehousing and distribution industry.

    The new center would leverage Cyzerg’s expertise in hardware, infrastructure, and I.T. operations to augment existing technologies and develop new software and hardware solutions. These efforts would help warehouses and distribution centers reduce errors, increase automation, and improve visibility & forecasting. The new solutions would be part of an open and friendly ecosystem that third-party vendors could easily leverage and integrate with. Cyzerg would also offer custom hardware and software technology solutions for customers looking to overcome unique challenges and/or differentiate from competitors.

  • Summer 2018
    Cyzerg Enters the Enterprise Space

    After successfully putting in place the network operations and research & development centers, and with more than 16 years of professional experience, Cyzerg was equipped to deliver on the needs of its more demanding market segment: the enterprise space.

    In 2018, Cyzerg was provided the opportunity to develop a custom enterprise solution for a major international third-party logistics provider (3PL). As part of this effort, Cyzerg developed a cloud-based system that replaced an outdated platform and also introduced the latest mobile and automation solutions and a seamless integration with internal and external systems. The new system allowed the customer to eliminate approximately 960 man hours per month of data entry and reduce operating costs by approximately $14,400 per month. This new achievement successfully positioned Cyzerg as a reliable and trusted vendor in the enterprise space.

Our Philosophy

Justice & Meritocracy

We believe that a system based on fairness and merits (Meritocracy) is key to the success of our people and vital to achieving our mission and vision. These two fundamental pillars guide us to stand for the truth, do what is right, and create the positive impact we ought to seek.

Justice and meritocracy are key factors in achieving fairness in its purest sense. Justice is only truly served when a proper and fair system is in place to determine the right decisions. We have found that meritocracy, a system that promotes people based on abilities and merits and not on bias or politics, will fairly and objectively recognize people by their contributions and nothing else. This way, we are able to transparently assess people, justifiably credit them based on their merits, and promote honor and excellence.

Furthermore, these two pillars will lead us to fulfill our core mission to bring positive change to the lives we touch. Doing what is right and not what is easy, selfish, and convenient is a mantra by which we live, breathe, and hope to create ripples of positive impact around the world.


Values That Set Us Apart


Do what is right, say what
is true.

We have an unwavering adherence to strong moral and ethical values and principles. Integrity means doing the right thing in all circumstances, especially when no one is watching.

How We Do It

To us, integrity is a fundamental element in achieving our core mission. Doing what is right and doing it every single day takes self-awareness and incredible amounts of strength and unwavering commitment. It takes honesty towards others but also a large amount of honesty with yourself. It is about always doing what is right and not what is easy – and never compromising your morals for personal convenience. We promote relentless transparency and honesty in every level of the company regardless of how difficult the truth can be. Do what is right, say what is true.


Remain curious, keep it open,
try again.

We are determined on creating better solutions than what is expected today. Being innovative is looking outside the box, breaking traditional approaches, and finding new and better ways in achieving our goals.

How We Do It

We are 100% committed to innovation and excellence, and some people might call us crazy. When we build products and solutions, we’re thinking not only about how to solve a problem but how we can raise the bar and change the status quo. We remain kids at heart, always curious, and keeping our minds open to new ways. We’re not afraid of failure, because for us, failure is the ultimate lesson, and we make sure we learn from it. We fall, but we get up and try again.


Act with love, respect, and

We remain aware, sensitive, and understanding of another person’s feelings, thoughts, and circumstances. We understand each other’s feelings and points of view rather than just our own.

How We Do It

In every decision, there’s a human involved. For us, people mean hopes, dreams, families, food on the table, lives, and more. Because of this, we expect that every person across the company, regardless of position or demographic, to embrace this fundamental and critical core value – that we must put ourselves in somebody else’s shoes before arriving at a conclusion or making a decision. That we must act with love, respect, and kindness. And that we understand that our actions can shape the world.


Ignite your dreams. Make the
impossible happen.

We are ignited by enthusiasm and the drive towards making an impact across our customers, team members, and communities. The force of our actions and the power they exert have the ability create a universe of ideas and opportunities.

How We Do It

People. People are at the core of this value. We’re always recruiting and cultivating highly passionate professionals who are naturally ignited by the desire to create an impact. People who believe in the force of their actions and the ripple effects they create. We nurture them through a culture of personal and professional growth and empower them to be fearless in the pursuit of their dreams.

“What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?” – Erin Hanson


Together we can do extraordinary

We are a group of people across continents, beliefs, and cultures who have come together to become who we are: A team united by a set of common values and the desire to build extraordinary solutions and experiences.

How We Do It

We do it by promoting a culture where everyone’s voice is equally heard and considered. A culture where everyone’s job is to protect the well-being of every stakeholder and respect each other’s opinions and differences. We understand that by coming together, we are capable of achieving extraordinary things and overcoming any obstacle that lies ahead of us.

“Team is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” – Andrew Carnegie


It is time to start something new.
Begin again.

We are about creating a ripple effect of opportunities and empowering people to remain fearless in the pursuit of their dreams. We are about believing in others and helping others to believe in themselves.

How We Do It

We believe that every person has the ability to achieve amazing things, but they are often hampered by a lack of support and empowerment. Too often, good people and great professionals are hindered by politics and are not given the chance to try, fail, learn from their experiences, and try again. Too often, they are not recognized by their character and merits. At Cyzerg, we embrace a culture where everyone has the opportunity to try something new, and if it fails, start again.

Our Culture

Work Hard. Play Hard.

Investing in your career doesn’t mean fun gets sacrificed. We believe in working in a cultural environment that promotes working hard, playing hard. While we invest our maximum effort in the development and success of the company and our careers, we also invest in memories, fun, and forming a tight-knit bond when we’re away from our desks.

Work Hard
Work Hard
Work Hard

To us, work is not just about getting a paycheck. It is building a legacy that is only formed by having the tenacity to become better every single day.

Work Hard

To us, work is not just getting a paycheck. It is building a legacy that is only formed by having the tenacity to become better every single day.

Work Hard
Work Hard
Play Hard

When we play, we revisit our inner child’s desires. We set our natural selves free to make unforgettable memories that will bind us all together.

Play Hard
Play Hard
Play Hard

When we play, we revisit our inner kid desires. We set our natural selves free to make unforgettable memories that will bind us all together.

Work Hard
Work Hard

We’re a dynamic group of creative technologists
united by our pioneering spirit.


Manuel Cassola

Co-Founder & Technology Advisor

“At an early age, I found myself attracted to electronics. This interest pushed me to pursue a degree in electronics and communications, which then allowed me to start multiple IT consulting businesses throughout my life. At the end of 2013, I co-founded Cyzerg, along with Hector and Cris, to bring new technology solutions to the warehousing industry. Values I believe in are passion, honesty, perseverance, and loyalty. I meditate in my free time and anything related to enlightenment interests me a great deal.”

Hector Sunol

Hector Sunol

Co-Founder & CEO

“I moved to the United States at the age of 19. Realizing the opportunities ahead, I pursued a career in I.T. with the vision of becoming an entrepreneur. While working full time, I was learning English, obtaining I.T. certifications, and completing a BS and MBA. Motivated by the need to help others, I quit my corporate career and co-founded Cyzerg. I believe in honesty, perseverance, determination, and passion. I love to read about entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation, history, anthropology, and psychology.”

Cristobal Pascual

Cristobal Pascual

Co-Founder & Product Manager

“I moved to the United States because I wanted to be independent. When I landed, I realized that to be a trusted I.T. engineer, I needed to become certified by recognized institutions. In only 3 months, I obtained my first technical certification, which compelled my first employer to hire me. This was the start of my career, which eventually led me to Hector and our joint venture in opening a company like no other. I personally value honesty and integrity the most. And I love playing racquetball and exploring the seas through scuba diving.”