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Receiving Technologies

A vendor-neutral portfolio of warehouse technology solutions aimed at increasing the processing speed and the reduction of errors during the warehouse receiving process. Each technology has been systematically validated using a custom framework that measures each solution in relation to its technological capabilities, process fit, market timing & adoption lifecyle.

Selection & Implementation

Prior to sales & implementation of any solution a dedicated warehouse consultant assesses the receiving process to guarantee fit of the technology. Once confirmed, the warehouse consultant paired with a technology engineer is responsible for the implementation of the selected warehouse technology. This detailed approach to selection & implementation has helped our customers eliminate the risk associated with technology investments & guarantee an immediate increase in operational efficiency.

Management & Support

Warehousing technology is better leveraged and operated when supported by IT professionals that understand the nature of these technologies and the challenges faced by warehousing professionals. Each technology can be bundled with our IT Management service to guarantee operational uptime and help customers focus on running their warehouses efficiently and with peace of mind.

Our support includes:

  • Real-time monitoring of all systems & networks to detect and respond to incidents.
  • Service agreements to guarantee fast response & resolution times.
  • Bilingual on-site & remote support 24/7/365.

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