With our sole focus and expertise in warehousing & distribution centers and a full stack of software development capabilities, we can help you position technology as your key differentiator and your tool to solve your unresolved challenges.

Using custom software lets you tailor your warehouse solution according to your and your partners’ needs. This enables you to streamline your operation unlike any other solution because it is perfectly fitted to work with your business. Here are some of the custom solutions we can build for you.

Things We Can Do… & More

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Dock Scheduler Dock Scheduler

Dock Scheduler

Dock scheduler enables warehouses and DCs to efficiently organize the delivery and pick up of loads at the dock. Using a scheduling and appointment system that can be accessed using any device allows carriers to book appointments and warehouses to organize themselves around the schedule.
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Warehouse Mobility Warehouse Mobility

Warehouse Mobility

Warehouse mobility grants employees the ability to send and receive data anywhere in the warehouse to reduce walking times.
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Labor Management

Labor Management Systems Labor Management Systems

Labor Management Systems

Labor management systems measure labor hours and tasks to help you maximize employee productivity and resource efficiency.
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Order Management

Order Management Systems Order Management Systems

Order Management Systems

Order management systems consolidate all data regarding orders under one system to streamline order processing.
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Customer & Partner

Customer & Partner Portals Customer & Partner Portals

Customer & Partner Portals

These portals give your customers and partners a secure and convenient way to access the resources they need anytime, anywhere.

Analytics & Forecasting

Reporting, Analytics & Forecasting Reporting, Analytics & Forecasting

Reporting, Analytics & Forecasting

Reporting, analytics, and forecasting tools provide you with reports and dashboards to help you understand your business and apply statistical models to predict future outcomes. This, in turn, can help you gain powerful insights so that you can make the right business decisions.
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Data Entry

Data Entry Automation Data Entry Automation

Data Entry Automation

Data entry automation parses data from documents and automatically enters it into systems to accelerate data entry and reduce errors.
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Slotting Optimization

Slotting Optimization Systems Slotting Optimization Systems

Slotting Optimization Systems

Slotting optimization systems help you increase warehouse efficiency by arranging the location of products throughout the warehouse in a way that optimizes labor and storage efficiency. It also assigns the most appropriate storage equipment according to product type.
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Online Real-Time

Online Realtime Quoting Online Realtime Quoting

Online Real-Time Quoting

Online real-time quoting converts the manual generation of quotes into an online tool that your customers can access anytime, anywhere.

Recently Completed Projects

Our customers were able to utilize custom warehouse software to automate processes, increase efficiency, and achieve their goals. Each case study below will explore the problems of each company’s situation, the solutions we have implemented, and the results they achieved. Learn more by clicking through each case study.

How a 3PL Automated Their Receiving Process Through a Custom Mobile App

How a 3PL Automated Their Receiving Process Through a Custom Mobile App

A third party logistics provider (3PL) for the cruise ship industry has been experiencing operational inefficiencies in their receiving process due to manual tasks. The 3PL reached out to Cyzerg to conduct an inspection and recommend solutions that will automate processes, increase efficiency, and minimize errors.

How a Freight Forwarder Automated the Dimensioning and Image Capture Process

How a Freight Forwarder Automated the Dimensioning and Image Capture Process

A freight forwarder has been manually measuring and capturing cargo images, thus considerably limiting processing capacity and increasing costs. The manual aspect of the operation resulted in inefficiencies, inaccurate measurements, and data entry errors. Additionally, the customer was unable to effectively refute customers and carriers’ claims. The freight forwarder contacted Cyzerg to help correct these problems and implement automation.

How a Distribution Center Increased Efficiency by Implementing a Reliable Wireless Network

How a Distribution Center Increased Efficiency by Implementing a Reliable Wireless Network

A DC had their operations impacted by the unreliability of their wireless network infrastructure. This has not only caused inefficiencies but also errors in reporting data as personnel resorted to manual input when the network was down. The DC contacted Cyzerg, a company specializing in warehouse technology, to resolve the constant wireless network outages.

Modernized Warehouse Operations

How a Major 3PL Modernized Warehouse Operations with Custom In-Transit Software

A major 3PL had found success by providing first class service to their clients. However, the company and their major client had been experiencing errors and inefficiencies, with crucial implications for their client’s business. After years of searching for a solution, the company hired Cyzerg to build a custom solution that would automate their processes and solve their problems.


Development Experience & Performance

In our years of experience in the warehouse industry, we have developed scalable, efficient, and reliable custom warehouse software for our customers. Our development experience and performance is a testament to our dedication in creating warehouse software technology to the highest standard. See our performance below.

Completed Projects| Total number of completed software projects.
Development Hours| Number of hours translating requirements into software.
QA Hours| Number of hours testing, fixing, and perfecting software.
Customer Satisfaction| Percentage of software development customers satisfied.

Development Services, Technologies & Process

Our development team can build your warehouse software in a variety of supported technologies according to your business needs and requirements.
Additionally, our team follows the agile development methodology, so we continuously iterate to deliver results at higher speeds.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Predictive analytics benefits your business by forecasting possible outcomes or future performance in order for you to plan ahead and make the right business decisions. It uses various statistical models to process past data and predict potential scenarios so that you can discern opportunities and threats in advance.
    Predictive Analytics
  • Web Applications

    Web applications provide a versatile way to access your warehouse software from the convenience of any browser anytime, anywhere. And unlike desktop applications, these do not require installation and only need minimal maintenance and troubleshooting as they run from the web.
    Web Applications
  • Business Intelligence

    Business intelligence can help you gain powerful business insights by automatically organizing your data into accurate, real-time dashboards. This can help you stop the guesswork and benefit from informed decision-making to better serve your customers, efficiently run your business, and become more competitive.
    Business Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    Developing your own advanced algorithm using AI and machine learning gives your system the capability to imitate intelligent human behavior so that you can perform advanced tasks faster and more efficiently. Additionally, machine learning enables your system to independently adapt as it is exposed to new data.
    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Mobile Applications

    Mobile applications offer your business inter-department communication, instant information availability, and improved business productivity. Additionally, mobile apps have the advantage of utilizing features of mobile devices such as NFC, GPS, and the camera to scan PDFs, QR codes and barcodes.
    Mobile Applications
  • Website Development

    A website that is professional, stylish, responsive, and informative can help you establish a trustworthy brand and provide an exceptional virtual experience for your prospects. This, in turn, helps you attract the right prospects and capture their information to support your marketing and sales business strategy.
    Website Development
  • AI + Machine Learning

    Our team is capable of developing advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning functionalities that allow your custom software to imitate the intelligence of humans as closely as possible. With this, you can automate processes, reduce errors, and increase efficiency.
    AI + Machine Learning
  • Frontend

    Our services include the use of the latest frontend technologies in order to develop your high performing, responsive, and well-designed custom warehouse software. This, in turn, will let your users naturally navigate through the interface and complete tasks as fast as possible so that you can reach your business goals.
  • Backend

    Our team is proficient in using the best backend technologies to create a highly optimized, high-performing, scalable, and robust custom warehouse software. With this, we are able to build a solid foundation for your software so that it functions the way you expect and lets you carry out business plans effectively.
  • Mobile

    Our services allow you to tap into the two most popular and powerful mobile operating systems available. This, in turn, makes your warehouse software compatible with a wide variety of devices and helps your business leverage the opportunities of what mobile technology has to offer.
  • Database

    Our supported database technologies are some of the most proven and scalable solutions to allow your business to leverage one of your most valuable assets – data. Whether your requirements call for the most simple and cost-effective solution or advanced and enterprise-level, we can develop it.
  • Platforms

    Whether you prefer on-site or cloud, fully licensed or open source, our vast expertise allows you to tap into a variety of powerful, scalable, and secured platforms in order to deliver your business needs and requirements according to your preference.
  • Integration

    Our team is capable of integrating systems using some of the latest standardized integration technologies in order to eliminate data silos. This process blends different systems to work as one unified solution that can share data so that you can streamline processes and reduce the chance of error.
  • Requirements Gathering

    Requirements gathering is the process through which we understand your challenges and define the features of the warehouse software that you will need. Defining requirements is not limited only to your input but accounts for many industry-wide technology trends to ensure the effectiveness of the solution to your current problems as well as future opportunities.
    Requirements Gathering
  • System Analysis

    System analysis is the phase in which we analyze and convert all the requirements gathered into a Software Requirements Specification (SRS). This document precisely describes the warehouse software to be written and its limitations as well as ensuring that it meets your expectations on how it will perform.
    System Analysis
  • System Design

    System design is the phase in which the overall structure of the system is created. It converts the system specification into an executable system by building its architectural, interface, component, and database design. Additionally in this process, we produce a detailed design document to be verified by you.
    System Design
  • Development

    Development is the phase when all documents in the previous phases are translated into source code and into a functional and testable software. Additionally, you will be regularly engaged to ensure that your expectations for the software are being met so as to streamline the process and minimize revisions.
  • Quality Assurance

    Quality assurance is the phase where we perform test cases to ensure the warehouse software is operating correctly and meets your initial set of software requirements and business goals. In this phase, errors, bugs, and defects are reported, tracked, fixed, and retested until the software reaches the quality defined in the SRS.
    Quality Assurance
  • Implementation & Launch

    The implementation and launch phase starts by deploying the warehouse software in a limited segment of your business. It will undergo User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and if any changes are required or any bugs are caught, they will be reported to our software development team. Once changes are made or bugs are fixed, final deployment can happen.
    Implementation & Launch
  • Support & Maintenance

    The maintenance and support phase can comprise enhancements, corrections, and changes to ensure that your warehouse software continues to work and stay updated to meet your business goals. Your users will also have the option to call a dedicated technology engineer when questions or problems arise.
    Support & Maintenance

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