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Software Development

Cyzerg provides a comprehensive range of custom software development services to help businesses and warehouses streamline and automate their operations. With an experienced software development team, trained in warehousing & DC processes, we can help accelerate the digitalization of your warehouse & DC operations.

Team & Development Process

We understand that it’s the people that lie at the core of the quality that our custom software services offer. As a result, we follow a rigorous and meticulous hiring process to guarantee that the highest quality software development professionals work on the solutions that you entrust us with to build and support.

The right people in the right place – a team of business analysts, software architects, designers, developers, and quality engineers guided by a common, adaptive, and agile software development methodology help us guarantee and meet the most demanding software development projects.

Development Platforms

Due to the fast-evolving nature of technology, our team is required to remain certified in the latest development technologies and platforms. And we ensure that they do. Our spectrum of supported technologies & platforms includes:

  • Technologies: Microsoft .NET, Java, C#, PHP, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, XML, HTM, XHTML, CSS, Angular JS, Node JS, JavaScript, jQuery, TypeScript, Android/iOS.
  • Databases: Microsoft SQL, Azure SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Data Warehouse, Redis Cache, Oracle, SAP HANA, MongoDB, SQLite.