Cyzerg is a company that offers full technological capabilities to build custom warehouse technology solutions for the warehousing industry. From conception to operation, Cyzerg has become the go-to provider for companies seeking solutions to optimize business and warehousing operations and harness technology as a core business differentiator.

Why Custom Warehouse Technology

Why Custom Warehouse Technology?

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Re-imagine Unlimited Possibilities

From hardware to software to service, we are capable of delivering custom warehouse technology solutions tailored to your needs. Our expertise in warehousing allows us to identify and solve your common or unique challenges so that you can differentiate from competitors, increase efficiency, and deliver a unique experience to your customers. Here are some of the solutions we can offer.

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Data Entry

Data Entry AutomationData Entry Automation

Data Entry Automation

Data entry automation parses data from documents and automatically enters it into systems to accelerate data entry and reduce errors. This also lets you reallocate expensive human resources to more important tasks.

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Dimension & Weight

Dimension & Weight AutomationDimension & Weight Automation

Dimension & Weight Automation

Dimension and weight automation modernizes the manual measurement of parcels and pallets by utilizing a device that can automatically capture length, width, height, and weight. This allows you to accelerate processes and achieve high productivity and efficiency.

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Mobile Apps

Warehouse Mobile AppsWarehouse Mobile Apps

Warehouse Mobile Apps

Warehouse apps allow people to remain connected to the system from anywhere in the warehouse.

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Labor Management

Labor Management SystemsLabor Management Systems

Labor Management Systems

Labor management systems measure labor hours and tasks to help you maximize employee productivity and resource efficiency.

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Space Management

Space Management SystemsSpace Management Systems

Space Management Systems

These systems help you maximize warehouse space by measuring and tracking storage space utilization.

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Analytics & Forecasting

Reporting, Analytics & ForecastingReporting, Analytics & Forecasting

Reporting, Analytics & Forecasting

Reporting, analytics, and forecasting tools provide you with reports and dashboards to help you understand your business and apply statistical models to predict future trends. This, in turn, can help you gain powerful insights so that you can make strategic business decisions.

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Order Management

Order Management SystemsOrder Management Systems

Order Management Systems

Order management systems consolidate all data regarding orders under one system to streamline order processing. This solution also lets you automate order processing, eliminating the need to manually enter orders.

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