Cyzerg Opens Second Research & Development Center in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, India – Cyzerg today has opened its second research and development center in Bengaluru, India. The office was built to expand Cyzerg’s capabilities in developing new technologies for the warehouse industry. The new research and development center was established in Bengaluru for its exceptional IT-versed talent pool. The city is a melting pot for tech entrepreneurs and professionals, and .....

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Cyzerg Wins 1st Place for Their Warehouse Educational Resources

Cyzerg today placed first in Logistics Brief MVP (Most Valuable Post) award for the Inventory/Warehousing Category. The article chosen from Cyzerg’s warehouse educational resources is “6 Primary Warehouses Processes & How to Optimize Them”. “We are proud and honored to be recognized for our educational resources,” said Hector Eduardo, Cyzerg’s Founder and CEO. “This is a culmination of our five-year .....

2019-12-16T01:03:48+00:00Dec 4, 2019|

Cyzerg Technical Support Extends to 20-Hours

Miami, Florida – Cyzerg today announced the extension of its technical support to 20 hours from their network operations center (NOC), effective on July 1, 2019. The company’s clients will soon be able to reach out for technical support between 7 AM and 3 AM, EST, Mondays to Saturdays. Previously, Cyzerg extended its technical support service to 12 hours on .....

2019-08-09T13:15:56+00:00Jun 21, 2019|

Cyzerg Opens Research & Development Center

Chandigarh, India - Cyzerg today has opened its first research and development center in Chandigarh, India. The facility has been built to further evaluate how the industry can apply emerging warehouse technologies. The research and development center comprises part of the company’s initiative to leverage modern technologies in the warehouse industry. Cyzerg's R&D team will be fully-focused, 24/7/365, on researching .....

2019-08-09T13:15:57+00:00Oct 26, 2017|

Cyzerg Opens Network Operations Center

Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines – Cyzerg today has opened its network operations center (NOC) in the Philippines to provide its warehouse industry clients with 24/7 monitoring and support for their IT infrastructures. Reliable and efficient technology systems are critical for warehouses and distribution centers, particularly those operating around the clock. In response, Cyzerg has established its NOC to maintain systems .....

2019-08-09T13:15:58+00:00Aug 11, 2017|
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