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Careers at Cyzerg

You’d enjoy it here—the hours fly by. If you’re truly passionate about your life and your career you’ll fit right in. We don’t focus on positions and titles. Instead, our goal is to turn work into a playground. We provide flexible growth opportunities and empower your professional vision with a culture of freedom, open communication and constructive criticism. We encourage innovation and experimentation based in passion and teamwork. A position at Cyzerg is much more than just a “job.”

Engage your full potential—here at Cyzerg.


Flat Organization

Titles are prohibited; no exceptions. We all love what we’ve built so we share equal charge in cultivating it.


Open Doors

No walls or doors. Locks and cubicles gone. Our team thrives as one—barriers just get in the way.


Design your Dream

We want you to succeed at work and be happy in life. Share your dreams so we can help you make them real.


Invent the Future

Got an idea? We dedicate monthly time to pure creativity. Let your brain run wild and free—no limits.


Change a Life

Share your passion; teach your skills & knowledge—literally change the lives of people and families in need.


Clear Your Mind

Meditate and live purely; stay present, focused & balanced. Shake your mind awake and watch it soar.


Day Trips

Shift gears and explore adventures with your team. Fun stuff is part of everyone’s job description.


Furry Friends

Our office is pet-friendly, so your furry friend is welcome to join you. (We love having them here, too!)


Working Yoga

Need a breather? Relax! Recharge your body and re-energize your mind with free onsite Yoga classes.

More than

just a “job”

Explore your full potential. Make a lasting, positive impact.

If you have the expertise to back up your passion and the drive to make a real difference in the world—to build a better future: one system and one life at a time—we’ll find a role to fit your skill set and help you grow.

Your life. Your Passion.

Our Goal

Engage your full potential and let your passion drive every moment of your life, at work and at play. Always.

Launch your career: Cyzerg Internships

For Cyzerg interns, our title-free, flat organization means greater exposure to and immersion in a variety of roles across IT operations. Learn from the best and develop your passions—and discover new ones as you grow.